College introduction

College of Computer Science and Information Engineering was established in January 2009, based on the former Department of information technology, integrating the IT specialty resources of majors such as Computer Science and Technology (teachers education), Educational Technology, and so on. After years of construction and development, the college has formed a multi-level school-running system including postgraduate, undergraduate and adult education. The College currently has two master's degree authorization centers: in Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering; one master's degree authorization center for secondary disciplines: in Educational Technology; and for undergraduate majors: Computer Science and Technology, sort Engineering, educational Technology and internet of things. The College now has more than 1000 students enrolled, including 73 graduate students, 725 undergraduate students and more than 200 adult education class students.

The College has set up the following organizations: Computer Science Department, Software Engineering Department, Educational Technology Department, College Computer education Department, Guangxi Key Laboratory of Scientific Computation and Intelligent Information Processing, Computer Application Technology Research Institute, Computer Software Research Institute, Network Information Security Research Institute, etc.

The College currently has 45 teachers in aggregate. Among them,there are 10 professors,14 with Sub-Senior Professional Title, 9 PhD, 27 with a master’ s degree, and 10 part-time professors.

In the ranks of the teachers, Professor Huang Deshuang was engaged as “Bagui Scholar for Guangxi Colleges and Universities”; Doctor and Professor Yuan changan has received national labour medal and the 8th Guangxi Youth Science and Technology Award, was selected as the secondary level candidate of the New Centuary Guangxi Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, and was honored as Guangxi Distinguished Professors of Colleges and Universities; Doctor and Professor Wang ruliang was selected 2006 Guangxi’ s top hundred academic leader.

In the construction of disciplinary teams, scientific computation and intelligent information processing innovation team was rated the 3rd batch of Talent Highland of Guangxi Colleges and Universities Innovation Team; modern educational technology team was rated Guangxi Provincial-Level Teaching Team in Teachers’ Education Discipline.

In the construction of curriculums, the courses of Principle & Application of Database and Computer Culture Foundation were approved as Excellent Course of Guangxi Colleges and Universities. In 2016, the major Computer science and technology in the College was approved as the Co-construction specialty of the first batch of Pilot colleges and Universities of the project digital China “hundred school project” production and education integrated innovation project initiated by National Center for Schooling Development Programme and Shuguang Information Co.,Ltd.

In recent years, the College centers around the economic construction and social development of our country and Guangxi region, conducting in-depth study on the mainstream research fields such as data mining and decision support system, intelligent control system and its application, development and application of e-commerce and logistics system, Cloud computing and distributed systems, etc, and has make great achievements. Over the years, the faculty members have presided over 13 National Natural Science Foundation projects, involved in more than 10 projects; presided over 1 973 pre-subproject and 1 subproject of State Technology Supporting Plan, 5 863 pre-subprojects, 2 provincial key projects, 1 provincial science and technology development program for one hundred billion industry, and more than 10 provincial or ministerial level projects; received 6 Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Awards, 3 Nanning Science and Technology Progress Awards, 1 second prize for outstanding achievements in Nanning Computer and electronic information technology popularization and application; had 10 Guangxi Science and Technology Department identified projects including 1 international leading level and 6 international advanced level, more than 10 teaching awards at provincial level, more than 20 other kinds of teaching achievements, more than 30 teaching and research awards over national, ministerial provincial and department levels; published more than 400 papers including more than 300 SCI、EI、ISTP and core periodicals papers, 9 monographs, 1 translation work, and 9 textbooks; developed more than 30 industrial software systems and several new technology promotion applications; obtained more then 50 software copyrights; applied for more than 10 invention patents.

Along with the wave of development of our school, all the faculty members of the Computer and Information Engineering College will stick to the GTEU spirit of “Integrate Integrity and Ability, Unite Conscience and Behavior”, work together and remain of one mind, and write a new chapter for the development of the College.